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Default Re: RIM to exit most consumer markets?

Originally Posted by penguin3107 View Post
Bullcrap. It's this exact kind of thinking that is sinking RIM right now.

The majority of users don't give a crap about having the most secure device. They want a smartphone which they can use for basic productivity and install a bunch of apps to add value to their handheld. They want the iPhone and Android phones. Nobody wants a BlackBerry handheld anymore, and RIM is finally accepting that.
While I do not need a secure device, I am very happy to have it. But I need a bulletproof communication device which allows me to run my business from anywhere like I sit in the office.
With every release of the OS starting with version 6, the quality and usability was less then I expected. The only 3rd party app I really use is a backgammon game and signalloc. I tried to use OS6 and also a 9900 with OS7 for several weeks. Nothing came close to the 9700 with OS5. So I went back to this.
While I absolutely like fancy add-ons like an accelerometer, compass (add a baromether, thermometer, radar, the more the better), and also like 3rd party apps, I simply wont buy a device if the basic functions like mail, addressbook, calender do not work reliable.
Dont know, how many users are like me, I guess there a some more.

The first failure of RIM was to think, that with a Java device, all they have to do is do add the mobile safari, and everyone will be happy. They did not think about that on a keyboard device with a tiny screen the experience is worse then the incomplete renderding with the past browser.
The second failure was to believe that the evolution of the CPUs will allow them to make a java based device which gives the user decent speed for interaction.
If I am a consumer and about to buy a new phone, and see, that a Blackberry will just work like any other phone but slower, why should I then choose the slower one?

It took about 2 years until they finally realized they need an OS which basic functions run native on the hardware. If RIM started development of this concurrently with the last release of OS5 that would have saved more the one year of useless development efforts. The 9900 would today run a snappy and usable OS, and still would be compatible with a BES server.
Since time was now running out, they bought QNX. But it turned out that it was not possible to develop something usable within a short time. So the playbook was launched as a test-balloon. Thanks to unfinished functionality success was limited.
Under big pressure the development of the final playbook-OS had to be done, while development for BES and current devices has been slowed down.

Now, that the playbook somehow has been finished, the OS still has to be converted to something usable in a phone. Will take another 9+ Month. But as we learned from a recent press release, it will not be a blackberry compatible to the current BES nor is there an upgrade for the BES planned. Instead, you need a new server software to manage it. Why? because time is running out again. Of course to help RIM to finance those 3 to 4 years of lost time, we most likely have to buy the new server and licenses for the Devices.

Again, the new OS will also have email, addressbook, and calendaring as the basic functionality, and most likely the device needs to be charged 1 time during the day. For me, that means I would get about the same as before, but no added basic functionality, plus I have to buy and run another server.

The idea of RIM to again focus on the needs of their business customers is good, but like it looks currently, I will replace my phones with used 9700 as long as possible. That will give me another 3 years. Only if something appears which gives me a better functionality then I currently have for an acceptable price, I will make the switch to the new OS.

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