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Default Re: Not liking the Calendar on the Style.

Originally Posted by MitchellBBPearl8230 View Post
RIM seems so much like Micro$oft, it's eery. You just can't count on the tried and trues being on a different devices it seems. What was good in the Pearl is missing so although I'm really happy with the Style, what it lacks that the Pearl had is hard to take. The Calendar on the Style sure is purty, but it's completely useless. Design and what they probably believe is something aesthetically nicer has replaced functionality. How do we get function back to the Style's Calendar, pls?

The Pearl's had a flat configuration, none of these fancy rounded buttons you can't read the text from.

Also, very easily in the Options of the Pearl, I made the start of the day 06:00 and the end of the day 07:00 so on days where nothing in Calendar, there were only 2 blank boxes clearly marked 06:00 and 07:00 with the rest of the day's times showing ONLY where there were calendar entries. Elegantly simple!

I did the same thing in the Options of the Styles Calendar but lo and behold, the entire fricking day is displayed and I'm scrolling _all_ the time up and down hunting for my entries because, of course, there is a search function, but guess what, it doesn't work on Alarm entries (it didn't in the Pearl either so that backward mentality to the search function was already known to me). so the Calendar doesn't compact to _only_ what you have with an hour between start and end times for the day; so the Calendar days are filling with too much dead, open space that it isn't necessary to see. Not only that but you can't read the entries. Instead of the entries being in clear boxed formats showing _all_ the text in each entry no matter how many lines, the Style truncates them and shows just a bit of the entries on fancy, schmancy and real purty buttons that you have to hover over to then see the complete text floating down below. On every danged entry you have to do that when they're close together in time.

Please, anyone, how do we get more function back and the pretty stuff out. If there are three entries at, say, exactly 15:00, I need to see them clearly stacked as I do in the Pearl. When there are "conflicting" entries like that - they weren't conflicting but that's how calendars see them, Outlook, too - then in the Pearl, it just changed the borders of those boxes to red. Simple.

Pls advise on how to do this. Thanks much!
First off, if you don't like seeing empty lines, use the agenda view.

Second, is there a particular reason you are using alarms and not appointments or tasks with reminders? I always considered alarms to be precisely that, an alarm. Usually my alarms always go off at the same time each morning! However appointments can be found with the search tool with no issues.
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