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Default Re: BB World 2012 Sessions

Originally Posted by DarthBBerry View Post
Dear BlackBerry World 2012 Organizers.

Umm... not wanting to sound impatient, but there's 25 calendar days (18 work days) to go until BBW12 begins and the Breakout Sessions aren't scheduled yet.
Personally, I've got 20 sessions bookmarked and I would like to know just how many conflicts there will be so I can coordinate efforts with my fellow BES Admins to attend as many sessions as possible, then share the info with one another.

And if you're going to implement a Mobile App like in years past, make it work better than in years past. (Or make it work on an iPhone. LOL)

Dear BlackBerry World 2012,
There's 17 calendar days (11 work days) to go until BBW12 and we still can't register for sessions. Please don't cut it so close as many of us like to schedule, reschedule and compare calendars so as to maximize our learning experience. We realize that an event of this magnitude takes careful planning and thought. However, it's not like you DIDN'T know it was coming. You encourage us to register early, but then fail to show us what we're registering for.

And thanks for the Mobile App that has to be viewed on BlackBerry OS 5.0.0 or higher. Those of us who are hanging onto old legacy devices with 4.5.x are now forced to temporarily upgrade against our wishes. I really like my legacy BlackBerry Pearl 8130. When I have brought it with me to WES/BBW in the past, I get to tell people that I'm going "retro" or "old school." Thanks to your developers, the new Mobile App which requires 5.0.0 or higher, you have now killed my inner child.
Lastly in reference to the Mobile App, it won't even allow you to log in to see what you have bookmarked. I guess that's because you can't schedule sessions yet; see Paragraph #1. Based upon your spam e-mail advertising for BlackBerry World, the Mobile App:
It's easier than ever to stay up-to-date with news and information about BlackBerry World™! Use the Mobile Conference Guide application on your BlackBerry® smartphone or BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet to access the breakout session catalog, look up session details and sponsors, follow breaking news via the BlackBerry social channels, complete conference surveys, and more.

You'll be able to schedule your breakout sessions soon, and you can do it right from the Mobile Conference Guide! The app will notify you when there are schedule changes, and it synchronizes with your conference schedule in the My Scheduler tool.
The key word here is "SOON." Since the e-mail was from 04/05/2012, "SOON" is a broadbased term that does not have boundaries. (BESv5 was announced at WES 2008 to be released "SOON". 2 years later, it was finally released. Go figure.)

So far, it's a disappointing BBW12 season. Maybe you'll give away some awesome cool swag when everybody arrives as your way of saying "We're sorry! Don't leave us for iPhones!" Cool Swag can be defined as BES Server Authentication Codes or Fusion Authentication Codes with 1000 CALs each for all attendees. I wouldn't complain... much.
Thanks for listening and hope to see the shining side of BBW12.
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