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Default Re: RIM to exit most consumer markets?

Originally Posted by poolbizz View Post
yeah , there called kids playing games instead of playing outside .I can say this the antennas of ipod touch , iphone and ipad are junk .. example: I own 2 homes side by side when i'm at house 2 i can not pick up wifi signal with any of those Apple products , but with my 8320 or 9810 no problem at all ...
No, they're not junk. They're actually good radios and the antenna setup is well-engineered. Apple reduced the transmit power of the WLAN radio. The reason for this is to prevent interference with other clients when in dense WiFi environments such as coffee shops and also to reduce battery consumption.

As an aside, would you kindly use some correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling if you are going to be argumentative? It would at least provide you with some semblance of credibility.
I h8 txtspk.