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Default Re: 9810 Bluetooth Printing

I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd reply to it since I am the ONLY guy on this planet that actually does what you are asking about. I've been printing from my smart phones, including the palm series units like the treos and such for years. The pathetic thing is that for some bizzare reason the concept of truly using a mobile office has been lost, or nearly lost since smart phones and now super phones have gained a much bigger audience in recent years. I blame the loss of this concept to the fact that the general mainstream audience that the phone designers are marketing to, don't want the feature because they aern't really trying to do mobile business such as the starter of this thread is trying to do. I know you just want a simple answer but I've put a huge wack of research into this one problem and my eyes are bleeding too, so hear me out.
I have been using a Canon ip90 portable printer with a bluetooth BU-10 add-on, probably similar to your HP450 except that it fits into my Toyota Yaris glovebox just to save from theft issues. I too hate the idea of tying it all to a laptop and creating even a bigger theft issue not to mention the delay with startup times required to turn on a computer. Anyhow . . . . I've just bought a blackberry 9900 (with 7.1.0 now installed) to hopefully replace my last Windows based smart phone and sadly can not do my invoicing directly into a stand alone printer like I had been doing for the past 8 years or so. So I'll be returning the Blackberry because I'm within my trial period and this will probably be my only contribution to this forum, that's why it's gonna be so long. So this is what I've found. You can do some printing with your setup and mine as well. And no, you can't find any software in the app store, you pretty much can only use what the phone has already inside it.
So first of all you need to pair your phone to your printer and that is done by turning both units on and using the "Setup" icon and then the "Bluetooth" feature. Turn BT on and make it discoverable and then add a new device and pair with it, the stock pairing code for these Canon ip90 printers is "0000" and yours is also probably something just as lame. Once that is all done then you can move onto printing. Some stuff does print but is pretty much useless, such as individual "contacts" can be printed by selecting a contact and then select the "menu" feature "send contact card" via "Bluetooth". And other sends out nondescript character jargon such as the free spreadsheet app under the "applications" icon in the "documents to go" app. Gee I really really wished that one worked! Though it might work for you because it is based on the driver capabilities on your printer itself and if it is able to take the muck that is sent to it from your phone and translate it. My printer did not. The format of the file is .xls and maybe your printer works with it. To do so just do the same print sequence as with the "contacts" print-job which is to select the "Menu" item "send" via "bluetooth".
There is also a free "Word to go" app included on the Blackberry 9900 (7.1.0 installed) which is your typical word document building application, and it can be accessed through applications/documents to go/document which is in the same place as the excel spreadsheet program and is printed out in the same way as the previous example. The problem is that it is a .doc file and bizzarely enough it too comes out looking like worthless jargon on my printer, but try yours and hopefully yours will support the file format.
The only worthwhile printing that I could get out of this Blackberry to Canon ip90 printer combo was done by "bluetooth" send . . . hey it worked!

Okay so it's 2:00am and I'm exhausted. I'll keep the phone and clean up this thread tomorrow if there is any interest in this subject.
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