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Default Re: 9810 Bluetooth Printing

So this is what I've figured out. Yes you can print invoices and pictures and various documents on the road from pretty much any BlackBerry phone that uses "Contacts" as well as Bluetooth. I'm actually not familiar with Blackberry but heck, if even my little LG GB255 cheapie clamshell phone can do it then surely a high end smart phone should too. The printer obviously needs to have the capabilities to receive bluetooth signals, but I don't think that tossing a Bluetooth dongle onto any old printer will solve that, though I could be wrong. So printing a picture is easy, just go to your camera and select the menu item "Send" via Bluetooth and select your printer from the list, As mentioned I'm using a Canon ip90, but a Canon ip100 or HP100 or HP450 etc. would work too. They need to be mobile printers with BT capabilities.
Printing from a .txt file is also straight foreward, but the problem is that I don't believe that there is an included app on the BlackBerry devices that will allow you to create or modify a document with a .txt extension. So I created whatever documents that I needed on my home computer and then just copied them on the MicroSD chip that installs into my BlackBerry. When ever I need to print one of these documents to the printer in my car I just open "applications"/"files" and I use the file folders search method to locate the document to be printed. Once found I just select "Menu" and "send" via Bluetooth to my printer. It sounds fiddley but it only takes a few seconds to print a document this way.
Invoicing is a bit more difficult, but still not impossible and there is no need to buy extra printing software which at this point isn't even available as far as I can see. Byron, the only way to print an invoice is to use a "Contact" as the template for your invoice, it actually looks pretty good and includes the typical invoice layout with the customer's name and address and other bits of information layed on the top quarter of the page, the other 3/4 of the page is used for the invoice details and this, you must build in the "Notes" section at the bottom of the "Contact" that you would use. I've been doing mobile invoicing this way for more than 5 years and though it is a bit fiddley it's not impossible as long as you take the time to build one well layed out invoice that you can duplicate into several others that will be modified to suite each sale or service call that would be billed. The invoices are easily altered for each individual invoice so that details like descriptions and prices and taxes and all those things can be changed on your BlackBerry device while you wait for your printer to warm up. I'm sorry for not giving a lot of details but it would take another page to generate that explanation. The convenience of not having a computer that could be stolen or that takes a cool minute or two to boot up makes this method of doing portable printing that much quicker, though the downside is that a printable excel spreadsheet would be the real answer and it's currently just not available.

Just a note, "Contacts" are actually .vcf files and can be stored just like .txt files for later printing.


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