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Default Re: Skype for BB Bold9900

So you don't understand (or accept) that Verizon supports Skype on the BlackBerry. That's been established. It runs on the 9930, which (last time I checked) has OS 7.x. You may want to double check that. You seem very confused. Using "Google" (available in Canada) I found this thread in 30 seconds:

You stated that
Skype is offered for apple, nokia, sony-ericsson and android phones, not blackberry, and it's probably safe to say that the nokia and sony-ericsson implementations are on life-support
and then contradict yourself by saying
Obviously skype is on windows phone because microsoft owns skype.
Quite while you're behind. Skype is available today from a few carriers (Verizon and 3) on a few BlackBerrys.

I seriously doubt there ever will be skype for BlackBerry, except for BB 10.
I fail to see where you dug out of this hole.

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