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Default Event Log errors and issues

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Ok, I've been searching everywhere for details on this kind of problem. It only seems to have been going on the last 24 hours, but I'm not 100% sure. I try to regularly check and delete my event log but I of course have no idea what any of them mean. Last night I opened it up and did a quick scroll through it. I didn't go far before I noticed a bunch of S JAVA EXCEPTIONS in bold letters scattered throughout the list (everything from the common null pointer and ioexception to ones I've never seen like arithmetic and throwable). Every one of these was listed as a severe error and that's what sparked my curiosity. I start going through randomly opening events (the non-error ones, listed as "information") and start noticing they're happening way too frequently (like one every few seconds). Now, these haven't had any noticeable adverse effects on my blackberry other than the drain on my battery but it still worries me. About 6 months ago, I had problems with my bb just being constantly slow (to where the little clock pops up for a few seconds), the battery at full charge only lasting 2 hours even when idle and just generally poor performance overall. So I went through and did a thorough cleaning of anything and everything I could delete from the bb's memory (call log, texts, etc), cleaned house on apps I didn't need or use and updated the ones I kept that were scheduled for it (8 total), deleted the event log and gave the phone a battery pull reboot. After all this, it was like my bb had a new lease on life. It was quicker than ever, the "clock" issue vanished and I found battery lasting a full day even when using it heavily. This made me assume more than anything that the apps were mostly at fault so with my current predicament, I did the one update that was scheduled (opera mini browser) but deleted no more apps as the few I still have never give me problems and other than say facebook and opera I don't even use the others. I also did a soft reset just to be safe and the event log is still piling up with less errors but still plenty of, I assume, unnecessary operations. And the battery is draining a little quicker than I was used to. Sorry if this post is so exhaustive and/or confusing but I tried to get all the details out in the open to avoid questions. Oh and btw, I've been avoiding the OS update for my bb (I have the 6.0 os bundle 2333 and the update is bundle 3084) as I've heard of all kinds of problems from performing the update. If anyone has any suggestions I thank you. I'm also going to follow this post with a copy of some of the event log listings I think are unusual or suspect.
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