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Default Re: Video player for Playbook

Just in case anybody at Blackberry is watching I also want a video player. I use the Playbook mostly for videos and it does play most of the formats I care about just fine, but there are a lot of features that Android players have that it lacks.

For example, the ability to resume where you left off on any give file. The ability to bookmark a place to go back to and look again is also needed.

Probably the worse problem with the built-in player is how hard it is to adjust the playing position. If I get distracted watching a movie it's very difficult to adjust back a few seconds. Actually it's very difficult to position it within a minute or two of where I want it. It's easier on shorter files but full length movies are a real pain. I nearly always have to watch a few extra minutes just to re-listen to a line or two.

My guess is that nobody who can do anything about it will see this post, but just in case...and besides where else can I suggest this? It's all but impossible to contact Blackberry unless you also have one of their phones.

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