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Default Re: Why I returned to blackberry

Originally Posted by jdichter View Post
I'm a small business owner in Toronto and I ditched blackberry in August 2011 for an LG android device. x

I was tired of the limited functionality, apps and all the other cool toys that other smart phones had. Including the bigger screen. xI also was displeased at the quility of my blackberry's xwhich always felt like they were made by Fisher Price when compared with any iPhone. xMy biggest concern was always typing on a keyboardless phone.

My return started with the iPad. xI finally caved and bought an ipad and the need for all the additional silly apps on my cellphone vanished. xI began focusing on why my android was so mind numbingly unreliable. xI switched to android with two if my employees and we all experienced the same glitches and constant crashing.x

Earlier this week, one of my clients came to my office with her new 9900. xI realized how much I missed the keyboard and the reliability of blackberry mail. xThat night, I pulled my old blackberry out of its box, reinstalled all my data and I have never been so relieved. xThe fact that the battery isn't dead within 20 minutes is an amazingly simple advantage.

I truly hope blackberry stays the course and begins to refocus on business and corporate use. x I think there are a number of people that will be returning to rim in the near future.x

xI just received a call, whilst typing this message from my closest friend, that he just ordered a 9900 and is ditching his droid razr.

Good luck RIM.
Let's hope that as more and more people try to use non BlackBerry devices, especially in business settings, they will also return to RIM. You aren't alone, a marketing firm's blog addressed this as well. I tried to post the link but could not because I'm new on this forum. The post, without the html is culturalbuzzpoints dot com and the post is called, "The Return of The BlackBerry."
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