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Default Re: Unlocked Storm on AT&T or T-Mobile

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Ive been having an issue with this process. I have a blackberry storm 2 (9950) for verizon that I'm trying to unlock for Tmobile. The storm was running the latest handheld software, and I have the latest DM. I downgraded to ver 5 i believe it is just to follow previous posts in this thread. I havent been able to get my handheld to communicate with the computer (keep getting the handheld doenst have the proper software to communicate with DM) without updating the app loader, so I did so. It seemed as if I was fine upto when I have to go to the tmobile site and sign up for BIS with your pin. My pin isnt registered, so to fix this I tried to register now from the host routing table, but that host routing table is blank, and I don't get the confirmation email to the handheld that says its registered.

I have a couple questions that will help me work thru this...
1. How do i fix my empty host routing table so that I can register now?
2. Do I need to have a valid sim with a data plan on it in the handheld as im doing this whole process? I currently have the old sim card with the phone, but its not active. I however do have my tmobile sim with data plan. Could I use that instead if I need a sim for this process?
3. Once a blackberry is unlocked (only unlocked with a code, but not opened to other carriers), if you wipe the handheld, do you have to unlock it again? If so, I dont seem to be able to bring up the pertinent window by typing MEPD, MEP2 anymore.
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