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Default Re: BES site resilience architecture

So I have another question.
I am reading through the docs and trying to find exactly step by step for creating the pools.

Basically I am trying to follow the site resiliency model to the T.

I currently have 2 pairs setup.
Pair1: pdcbes1, sdcbes1
Pair2: sdcbes2, pdcbes2

I need to create pools for the following services:
Admin service (1 pool, use HLB on all 4 servers) - I believe this is done default
MDS Connection (primary pool (pdcbes1, sdcbes2), secondary (sdcbes1, pdcbes2)) - HLB needed?
BAS (primary pool (pdcbes1, sdcbes2), secondary (sdcbes1, pdcbes2))
Collaboration (primary pool (pdcbes1, sdcbes2), secondary (sdcbes1, pdcbes2)) - also need to use the HLB communication between Lync and BES (Guide anywhere?)

The next question is according to documentation I need to configure the Pair2 to connect to the Exchange servers in the SDC. Well when I added the besadmin account it automatically picked up its rpcclientaccess server which was in PDC. Is there a way to force the Pair2 to always use the CAS servers in the SDC? (DNS name pointing to VIP of LB in SDC).
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