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Default Re: Quantas Airlines to replace 1300 Blackberries

Originally Posted by mseguin42 View Post
I wonder about the "save millions" part.

We have a few users who convinced the company that they could try the iPhones.

My heavy users on BBs use about 150MB of data per month. This includes web-browsing for a couple of them.

My "good" iPhone user is consistently at 1.5GB of data per month. My other users who haven't met a link they didn't like are blowing past the 5GB mark easily.

Data is expensive in Canada and we are paying hundreds of dollars more for my iPhone users than my BBs.

Yes, Bell has a 6GB plan but my iPhone users also travel into the US and "need" tethering so I need to stick with a 1GB North American plan for now.

If we switched all of our BBs to iPhones, I could see my bills going up by $10k-$15k per month.

How do you "save millions"?
The millions are saved in server infrastructure and whatnot.
I h8 txtspk.
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