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Default Re: iphone vs 9930 sprint

Originally Posted by ep8703 View Post
thanks... Here's one been new to the 9930 maybe its suppose to do this.?
I have rexwireless apps on my phone,to do matrix,idea matrix and the other ones they have. but it theses two that I get this message.
the application resource monitor has detected that the following app was draining blackberry resources. then it give the time.
and my option to press ok or pick do not monitor this
is this something I should look into turning off?.
oh and the big I was less then 25% at 12 noon today wow a few phone calls e-mail and gps
and I was dead that I cant live with any ideas what I can do.
You can get an extended battery or something like a Mophie Juicepack, but that's cumbersome. The battery was a big reason I went back to iPhone from my 9900. RIM still has yet to figure out how to manage power on touchscreen devices. It's been bad since the 9500 series. My 9900, on a 2G network, would still only manage 6 hours or so with only a few phone calls and maybe 20 e-mails and SMS.
I h8 txtspk.
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