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Default Re: Quantas Airlines to replace 1300 Blackberries

Originally Posted by tsac View Post
All good points but the carriers love the IPhone because of the increase in use. they eliminated the unlimited data plans because they saw the direction the users were heading. At some point they will eliminate any remaining plans that do not have extra cost and make even more money. Sprint does continue with an UL plan but for how long?

As in a post above, users in my company who moved to Iphones from BB have skyrocketed in use to the point the company now is looking to restrict use to less than 5GB. The BB's continue to be a business tool and use shows employees basically use it for it's intended purpose.

Support cost may be a consideration but to what end.

The usage is kinda a moot point outside of the US and Canada. Most other countries in the world have never had unlimited plans for any devices, including BB or iPhones, so they've never worried about it. As a business iPhone user, I have used less than 1 GB a month even with some personal use or tethering before, so it can be done.
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