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Default Very specific problem with Google Maps and IT policy/application control policy

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Hi All,

I'm trying to deploy Google Maps 4.5.3 from our BES 5.03 (latest maintenance release) to some 9860 handsets. I've got it to a stage where I can deploy it out to handsets but, when I run it on a handset, it is unable to get my location via GPS.

We have tight security rules and I have spent some time getting the application control policy for Google Maps opened up only as far as is required to run the application. I have the following rules set to allow with everything else disallowed/denied:

Interprocess Communication API
Internal network connections
Change device settings
Display info whilst locked

This seems to allow Google Maps to work nicely, except for the GPS. When I ask Google Maps to find my location it gets my cell location* (accurate to a few km) but goes no further.

Sometimes when it gets to the point where it should be improving the accuracy with GPS, it pops up an error saying "The application GoogleMaps has attempted to open an external connection which is not allowed by your IT Policy". I've a nasty feeling that Google Maps, for some bizarre reason, needs to get an external connection in order to use GPS.

Now, the above error is referencing an IT policy item, not an application control policy item - if I enable it then all applications on the handset will be able to use external connections e.g. WAP. This is not an option as we have MDS set up on our BES so that all traffic routes via our IT infrastructure.

The other possibility is that our IT infrastructure (via MDS) is somehow blocking some API or something that Google Maps needs when it uses GPS. This seems unlikely though.

I should mention that Blackberry Maps works fine and is able to get a GPS fix no problem. Any help greatly appreciated!

*This didn't work either, incidentally, until I enabled WiFi API in the application control policy. WiFi is actually disabled on all of our Blackberries, so it seems a bad bit of coding on Google's part that this obsolete setting must be enabled in order for cell location to work.

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