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Originally Posted by cecr View Post
Well, as a new user who has been give a BB, all I can say is as a phone, they seem over rated.
You are reviewing an old model and old OS like it is a current offering. No one here who can do better would want to use the 8520. But as I said in another thread, you most likely would not be happy with the latest BlackBerry either.

I accept the integration/synching of office emails to the phone works well, but actually using the phone is a poor experience with a level of sophistication far below many other brands and models.
It is a poor experience for you. Fine. What's the point of whining about it all over the board.

As far as the user whose company doesn't trust anything else.... well "nobody ever got fired for buying IBM" is an apt phrase. I have come across many IT (and other) depts who refuse to change suppliers (despite every user demanding it) simply because they can't be bothered to learn new configurations/set ups, maintenance requirements etc. The fact that better equipment was available elsewhere for less money was less important than avoiding exposing their lack of ability to solve problems they hadn't met before. I'm not suggesting this is the case with his company though, just pointing out that technical superiority is not the only reason for sticking with a supplier.
The fact is you have no idea why some people and some businesses and organizations use BlackBerrys and continue to use BlackBerrys.

Maybe you are stuck now with hand me downs. When you are able, buy the device you want.

EDIT: I'm sure there are people who use the 8520 because they want to and because it works for them. No disrespect intended. But it proves my point further: To each his own.
- Ira

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