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Default Re: insert contact details directly into calendar?

for a start, you don't know me. I'm not typical of anybody except me. I'm not frustrated at all, but yes, astonished that blackberry users are happy to type data into a calendar that they've already typed into their contact list.... and wonder why anyone would want a faster, more accurate process, and yes, astonished that blackberry felt it absolutely necessary to have the camera click whenever it is used, and the keys to make a tone whenever a phone number is dialled, and to provide no way of switching either off. So I imagine you must have told all those users to use a device that works best for them simply because they wanted an improvement?

The blackberry is far from perfect, and there is vast room for improvement in design and usability as shown by their fall in worldwide market share over recent years. Refusing to accept that people who point out device shortcomings are not unreasonable but have a point, IS denial. Perhaps you're so in love with your device that you can't be objective about it anymore? I don't know, but I do know that I didn't say the blackberry isn't right for me. That seems like you justifying your blinkered viewpoint and your posts, which seem designed simply to push up your post count.

Anyway, I didn't post here looking for an argument, I posted asking for help, and sadly didn't find it. If I should post again asking for help, do me a favour and don't trouble yourself posting a reply, I'm sure you can push up your post count easier by advising others to find a more suitable device - after all, I've had that advice so saying it again would be a waste of both of our time.
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