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Default Re: Mobile Fusion times out often.

Yes, 2 BES domains. Both domain are in the same data center in California, both have their own databases and bas consoles. One's a regular full BES, the other is a BES Express. I can log into either BAS perfectly fine, no time outs or anything.

Both added to MF during setup and the certs accepted perfectly fine.

When I log into MF, it sits there with the circle and eventually times out with a popup. When I attempt to log in again, it'll go through but only the BES Express domain appears in MF.

If I log out completely and log back in, it goes through fine on the 3rd attempt and both domains are showing up.

Both BES domains are hosted in my CA data center. My MF server is hosted in NV but there's a GIG-E link between the 2 DC's and 5-8MS responses all day long between the 2 data centers so latency can't be a problem.

MF is on it's own VM image with nothing else hosted on it..
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