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Default Re: Pocketday - A sad day

I was having difficulties with my 9900 starting to act up, so I wiped and reinstalled the OS. I don't believe PocketDay was ever on Blackberry AppWorld, so after I reinstalled the "uninstalled" apps on AppWorld, I went to the PocketDay site and found out the news today, apparently old news since May.
It too was one of my favourite apps and one of the first ones I paid for. Support was usually almost instant, which I cannot say for most apps.
I used to use it much more than I did the last year or so after the stock quotes no longer worked. According to support, PocketDay was being charged too much for the stock quotes. I was put on to Bloomberg by support which is a great program for following stocks, etc, but I liked the bare bones stock price information, weather and other information which was rolled into one program.
It was a terrific program that I am indeed sad to see go. Fortunately, I backed up the program with BBSAK and got it back on my 9900. I retrieved my key from an e-mail I saved when I upgraded to the 9900 in February and am back in business with PocketDay once again. One thing of note is when I reinstalled the cods for PocketDay, my Blackberry spontaneously rebooted, which may indicate some sort of incompatibility with the latest version of PocketDay and OS 7.1.
Sounds like the developer is discouraged with the Blackberry platform entirely. Not a good sign, particularly with respect to such a long standing and excellent product.
Frankly, I often wondered about the business viability for PocketDay. I paid for it back in 2005, and it was constantly updated for various Blackberry devices and OSs I had over the years and as noted above had excellent support. It was a very sophisticated product which kept evolving with twitter and facebook support in the later years. With similar products charging annual fees and with no advertising, I wondered how the developer ever could put food on the table. Apparently he or she could not. RIP
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