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Default Odd discharge behaviour with high capacity battery in 9800

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I recently bought a high capacity battery on eBay. This is the double capacity type that's twice as thick, requiring a special back for the phone with a hump in it to accomodate the new battery.

It came with a special tray, in which I was required to fit my standard battery and the new battery to do some sort of programming to the new one, presumably to make the phone think it's a genuine one.

After I'd programmed it, I put it in the phone, and the phone seemed to think it had exactly the same level of charge as the original battery did before I swapped them - about 80%. Does that mean the level of charge is stored on the battery? I haven't seen this behaviour when swapping between different standard batteries, although I've never used a high capacity one before.

Then I charged it until it reached 100%.

I should mention at this stage that I've loaded two battery monitoring apps - Tiny Meter 1.3.0 and BatteryWatch 1.9.34. The former because it does a really good job of keeping a permanent log of battery charge levels (but no graphs) and the latter because it can display graphs of recent levels. So I'm not guessing about the charge levels, I'm actually logging them.

Anyway, I used the phone for a couple of hours, browsing the web, playing music, etc. The charge level stayed on 100% the whole time.

According to the logs, after about 4 hours, the charge level suddenly dropped from 100% to 90%. Then it seemed to drop at a normal rate for a while.

About 3 hours after that, possibly when I unlocked it, the charge level ROSE from 81% to 85%. Since then it has dropped at a normal rate.

Does anyone know what's going on with it? Is the phone gradually learning that the battery has a higher capacity? I.e. will it eventuially settle down and report the correct charge levels? If so, how long will it take? Would it help to flatten it before the next recharge?

Or has the "programming" process perhaps confused it into thinking that it actually is the original battery, and it's occasionally correcting an estimate of the charge level? I.e will it always be erratic?
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