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Default Re: Looking for Luxury Phone

Originally Posted by therock003 View Post
I will only use it for text and sms and feature specific with phone functionality. I have an iphone for apps and internet, so these doesnt concern me. I'm only thinking of this Phone, since its stylish, sleek looking, and BB tends to have a nice phone experience.

I dont care about Cameras and other technical stuff that dont have anything to do with mobile phone features.

I mentioned Battery Time, cause i have a Nokia Asha 200, with dual-sim, and can last 5 days easy. It can even go 2 weeks and more on standby. Of course its not a smartphone, with apps running and high technology processors that need juice, but it has left my mind at ease about overnight charging. I even went on a 3 day trip without having to carry the charge. I talked several hours, and when i got back it lasted an additional day! (37 days nominal standby time).

Nokia Asha 200 specs

But other than that its a bad phone. It has low user-experience (nothing to do and to tweak), you cant hear what the other person is saying, the calling tunes dont sound right, and its plastic casing looks nothing more than the cheap phone that it really is. All these leave a gap making the 9981 #1 contender to fill it.

Battery times specs for this phone give a 5.5 talk time, which isnt much really, and i cannot find conclusive evidence as to what its standby time is.
You really need to take my advice from earlier. Vertu, Ulysse Nardin, TAG Heuer, etc. This will give you what you want, and you will be exclusive. Or, better yet, get a custom made Bell Perre You can even get an Arabic keypad from them. Honestly, even an older Nokia Sapphire Arte would meet your expectations.
I h8 txtspk.

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