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Default Re: Looking for Luxury Phone

Originally Posted by therock003 View Post
Ok lets get more into this matter.

How much do those phone cost? IT seems that they will go way more than p9981. Which is certainly a no-go (for me). I'm not a rich guy. Just a guy craving a phone having a budget slightly more than half of what it costs (900 eur). So money is of course an important parameter.

Secondly, i don't specifically need the functions of a smartphone, but i do not want a plain UI with nothing to do either. BBOS has nice features concerning phone functionality. The other features that do not have anything to do with it, i will simply not use.

Exclusivity. I dont want to be exclusive in the sense that i have something unique that noone else has. Even if few people have it, i dont mind. Its not like its an iphone, where you see it in every street. I can do with its limited availability.

I appreciate your input. I am just stating my reasons of how the alternatives might not work for me. I wasnt aware that ulysse nardin contributed to phones. I've only seen its watches, and i can also add i'm a big fan of them. Belle Perre i didnt even know by name. Looks good though.

Another thing i want to add is, i like qwerty keyboard for texting and quick text input (when taking notes, writing memos, etc). I also like the feature when you can call right off the home screen, where you press the name characters and it searches for contact name on the spot. These are things I definitely want in a phone.

I assumed you had a higher budget. Sorry for the wrong assumption. Vertu devices run approximately 3000-30.000. TAG devices are less, and I'm not sure on the UN or BP ones.

The issue we have is that pretty much everything you're asking for in a device is contradictory to another. A QWERTY keyboard pretty much means a smartphone, which shoots your battery needs and simplicity down. Keep your iPhone for your high power stuff, and get a nice candy bar, flip, or slider for your other uses. I have a Nokia 7900 Prism that I use for this purpose.
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