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Default Re: Post your top Word Mole score

LordXberk -- what's your longest word? I am seriously impressed by your score. I'm very curious to find out (if you will tell us) what your longest words are.

DRTanouye -- what word did you get that scored 382? The three top words I've gotten are "misunderstandings" (262), "environmentalists" (270), and "incomprehensibly" (266). The first two are 17-letters words, as you said your 382-point word was. I'm just curious what 17-letter word scores more than 100 points higher than the two 17-letter words above (that score only in the 260-270 range).

I have 55 fruits, but I think that is a mistake somehow and the game just counted wrong. Prior to that score, my highest fruit/veggie count was 42. No way I could have suddenly jumped 13 fruits. I think the screen just must have messed up and counted every hit, not just the ones that actually squashed a fruit. Anyone else ever have that happen? I would post a picture, but I'm informed I can't do that till I have 15 posts, and I don't have 15 yet. When I get that many, I'll post some pictures that I think show odd things that my game does. Has anyone else had a round end with time still showing on the clock? I don't understand how that happens. Any ideas? Has anyone yet figured out what the numbers on the bar at the bottom after a fruit/veggie bonus round mean? Like 13------------17. It's not counting the fruits, so I have no idea what that count means.

Has anyone ever gotten "uncharacteristically"? LordXberk, it seems you would have gotten that one, if you've played enough to score over 130,000. That word has 20 letters -- I'd love to know what it would score!!

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