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Default Re: Restarting after OS update

So far today I've done 22 power cycles to try and get some charge into it, and probably did 20 yesterday. When it's got enough charge, will it just boot up?

It's possibly a good sign that if I pull the plug out during the few seconds that the green light is on, I can see a picture of a plug on the screen, with an arrow pointing to a lighting bolt. I assume this mean the system knows when the plug is in, and is happy that it's charging, at least while the green light is on.

I'm concerned though about what happens after the green light goes off. If I leave it, after a little while it displays "Blackberry Playbook" for a while. I have to hold the power button in to allow a new cycle to start after I unplug/plug in the power. I'm concerned that because there's no light on at the time that perhaps it's draining the battery a little. It might be that with each cycle, I'm actually draining the battery a bit more overall, rather than gradually adding charge. Or will it be running off the charger, and never draining the battery at all?

Holding the button in to force it off for another cycle only seems to work once the "Blackberry Playbook" message comes up. I can make that come up quicker by pressing the power button once anytime after the green light comes on, so when I notice it, I press it immediately after it goes off again.

I haven't found any descriptions of the power cycling that mention having to hold the power button in each cycle. I'm wondering if all the instructions out there are for versions prior to 2.1. Don't know if I'm just wasting my time. The dealer still hasn't responded to my email.
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