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Originally Posted by krad
What do you use to crop and resize pic/icons for themes?

i use axialis iconworkshop to convert and photoshop. Is there a quicker way to bang these out?
Truth is i have about 10,000 icons already croped/cut to the size i need and the wallpaper can be done is 30 seconds. So as i find new images that look ok i can post in only the time it takes to save the new theme. The thing that honestly slows me down is searching over all the icons looking for something i remember i have but can't seem to find.

I use Jasc Paintshop Pro 9 and Adobe Photoshop Elements for most changes. Every now and then i have to use something else but not too often. I am starting to organize my icons more and place then into folders according to the theme and or what they are. For example i have all the star wars icons but they are mixed with Half-Life and Quake icons. I have all the default icons seperated out by opacity 50%, 40%, 30% 20% 10%, and 0 for 100% translucent. I have all the NFL helments seperated by division and same with the Division 1 college helments. Since i did that it has helped me blaze over to the folder with what i need rather than clicking thru 10 different directories looking for only few items.

So to answer your question? Organize your graphics into areas you can surf thru and find what you need.
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