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Lightbulb how to download BESx 5.0.4 in only 20 minutes

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This is kind of a rant, but since a I am in the mood for it, I post it anyway.

You want to download BES Express 5.0.4.
You have some unknown Server 2008 with nothing special installed.

Go and search with google.
the fourth link will give you something, but, only If you search in English Language, otherwise, if google guesses you are from germany you will be doomed, so I switch to english.

Navigating to is useless since "javascript is required".

Ok, using the google link, RIM insists to fill out a form with about 10 lines. 2 of these (country and state) depend on javascript, which will be not allowed if you dont put the site in the trusted zones.
Did that, hit reload and filled out the form.
But The download is not possible, since the download link is obfuscated with a script.

Next step: go an get something which will be able to download the file without having to change the security settings of the server: Firefox.
Again a street with a dead end, because the firefox download link will also be hidden within a script.
Back to basics,
Finally I am able to get firefox, since I can actually see from where the download will be coming from to add the site to the allowed zones
Download, install, and then back to

Fill out the form with fake information and after 20minutes, I now am able to get what I need.

I can understand that for reasons of availibility a download link might be not static, But using a reverse proxy it should be possible that the user is able to think it is.

The actual link:
" 0aef4ac4810ab1f491377fa8&ext=.exe"

does not help me, or Rim, and also 20 minutes of wasted time wont help either.

Files will be downloaded anyway if needed. Making this complicated using insecure scripting for unkown reasons will not make customers happy.

M$ also make similar things, but you are able to download patches even on a vanilla system.

I even can understand that registering myself to get a download is necessary, because RIM wants to know who is using their software. But, this must be possible by using a simple and secure browser. And, after registration, a download also should be simple. For security reasons it should be clear where a download comes from. Or if this is not possible a text like "please add to your trusted site zones" is the absolute minmum.

So, I you find yourself in a similar situation, download the software on your local machine first, then check the URL, then add this to the trusted zone in the internet control panel. That will save you 15 minutes of your time.

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