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Default Re: how to download BESx 5.0.4 in only 20 minutes

Go and search with google. the fourth link will give you something, but, only If you search in English Language, otherwise, if google guesses you are from germany you will be doomed, so I switch to english.
What exact words have you been searching for? Blackberry cannot force Google to have a specific page in the first position on

Navigating to is useless since "javascript is required".
Javascript is needed on a majority of web pages, some just miss some features without it, some just don't work at all. I don't like this either, but it is a fact.

Ok, using the google link, RIM insists to fill out a form with about 10 lines. 2 of these (country and state) depend on javascript, which will be not allowed if you dont put the site in the trusted zones.
Standard Internet Explorer on a vanilla Windows workstation allows Java Script for the "Internet Zone". You have probably tried to download from IE on the server, which is by default in an "Enhanced Security" mode that does not allow Java Script (and many other things) by default.

If you are security-aware, just download BES Express from a workstation (it will download without problem), check for malware/viruses and then copy the files to the server.

Next step: go an get something which will be able to download the file without having to change the security settings of the server: Firefox.
You are joking, right? You don't want to disable IE enhanced security and you don't want to add "" to your trusted sites. To be more secure, you want to download Firefox to your server that allows Java script for all the sites? You must be kidding.

Fill out the form with fake information and after 20minutes, I now am able to get what I need.
Hey, this is business software and it is free. The requirement to fill in forms is quite common for professional software. Many other vendors require you to create a login, verify your e-mail address, etc.

I have another concern with the BB downloads, for me they are dead slow most of the times, sometimes even timing out. But I don't have a problem getting there.

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