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Default Re: how to download BESx 5.0.4 in only 20 minutes

Today I am in a much better mood then yesterday. When problems accumulate, and you are therefore unable to do things you normally expect to be simple, I get in a rage.

google germany today will find a link if I search for "bes express 5.0.4 download". Thats fine.

But I stil stand to my other points:
Javascript should be used only, if neccessary. You really dont need javascript for creating a drop-down menu in a web-page. Also Navigating through a website should still be possible, even if javascript is turned off.
The site works with java script disabled, but, you cannot fill out the form.

I did not want to touch the security settings of the system, installing and removing firefox seemed a simpler method. Btw. IE Enhanced security settings was off.

The problem with adding the URL to the trusted zone sites is, that, since the download link is obfuscated with a java script, you will not know the link, the page you are landing in is not in the same domain as the link.
How could I add "" to my trusted zones if I can not see it ?

I dont complain about filling out the form, this takes less then 30 seconds. But the whole procedure from the beginning to the end took 20 minutes. 5 Minutes is what I expect. And If I had made the attempt to begin the download on a local PC, then make a note of the domain, then, add this to the trusted zone on the server, I would have been able to make it in that timeframe.
Or, if RIM had written "please add to your trusted zone", that also would have been sufficent.
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