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Default Re: Best Pre-Paid SIM for traveling in Europe

Originally Posted by speedyejl View Post
Thanks dc/dc! Do you know if the SIM cards are readily available at small kiosk locations or if Iíll have to find a traditional walk in store for purchase
It varies from country to country honestly, which is one reason why I suggest to anyone that can do it is to have a US SIM for roaming until a local card can be had. If you have time before departing, I would order this: Roam4Less WPC Partner Pak #ROAMWPCPARTNER - Expansys USA. Expansys ships to APO.

Germany: I had to leave the Frankfurt airport to find a Vodafone SIM, but they were easily had at shops in the Frankfurt Zentrum train station. The difficulty will be finding an English speaker. I would suggest checking the airport again though as the last time I was there was 2010.
Italy: I don't recall seeing any kiosks at the Venezia airport. I had to get one when I got up to Porcia.
France: Last time I was in Paris I was 12 and we didn't have cell phones. LOL
England: They have vending machines at London Heathrow right outside of HM Customs.
RoI: Not sure.
I h8 txtspk.
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