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Default Re: Is there a BB10 section planned in the forums?

Originally Posted by stevetaz View Post
Deprecate - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Definition of DEPRECATE

aarchaic: to pray against (as an evil)

b: to seek to avert <deprecate the wrath; of the Roman people ; Tobias Smollett>

: to express disapproval of

a: play down : make little of <speaks five languages; but deprecates this facility ; Time>

b: belittle, disparage <the most reluctantly admired and least easily deprecated of; novelists ; New Yorker> ; depĚreĚcatĚingĚly adverb
; depĚreĚcaĚtion noun
I can't tell if you're just trying to be a jerk, but see definition number 2: deprecate - Wiktionary
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