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Default Re: E-Mail question re Playbook.

Originally Posted by irivlin View Post
If I use Blackberry Bridge, between my 9810 and Playbook, my recent e-mail messages appear on the Playbook. If I want to delete any of these(Playbook) messages, I have to do them individually - ie, I can't select a block of messages. This is a real pain, as it takes so long, especially if there are scores of emails. - Is there any way of deleting blocks of e-mails? I haven't set up the e-mail accounts on the Playbook, for the same reason. I don't want to have to laboriously delete individual emails. Will it be just the same or if I set up the Playbook e-mail account, will I be able to delete blocks?
One other quick question.. If I make a spelling mistake, the misspelled word is underlined in red. Isn't it possible to get this to autocorrect or at least suggest the correct word? As it is, all that happens is the underlining - No way of selecting the correct word.
Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.
I don' t think there is any way to delete multiple emails on the Playbook, just as there no way to do it on the BB phone...other than the "Delete Prior" function.
Bill Handorf

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