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Default BES express

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I have never used bes express before and I find it completely annoying.

Firstly with activation why can't i just activate it like normal?

It seems all the devices do not have blackberry activation and i have to activate with usb, so pointless.

Next problem is why is it when i activate an existing user with a new bb that it doesnt sync all the old emails and i have to remove the user from the bes in order to get a full sync sometimes. Don't give me the link to the pre population, that is not the same.

With full bes you activate a device no matter when or what it always syncs the entire mailbox. Why does bes express have to be so annoying and make my life difficult?

It is simply not designed for business enviroments.

a) i have to ask users for their login passwords to activate their accounts
b) i have to generally force users to sign up to blackberry id before i can get access to the enterprise activation.
c) i have to do it locally.

How RIM thought that it would be a good idea to hand express out for free in its current state when they had a great bit of software in the bes is unknown to me.

Ok so 2 hours later still trying to activate a device with bes express.

I had two devices to activate, both had lost their BB. One of them got an old one that was spare and another got a new one.

i activated one of them (of course using the annoying hit and miss usb method) and that activated fine with all old emails as usual.

the one with the new device refuses to sync old emails (why would you ever not want old emails in a sync, obviously a bug). So i wiped the brand new device and removed the user from the bes. did it all over and guess what, still no old emails...

now i don't see why i have to go messing with registry values for prepopuation when it worked with the other users fine and the settings have not been changed.

*bangs head on table*

Ok second time removed pin from bes and disabled the device, removed user and exchange information from bes.

Readded user and reactivated still not historic emails. I give up, obviously who ever thought that people would not need a historic emails has obviously never used a blackberry before. Probably the lead dev, never used a blackberry before. lol

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