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Default Re: Remove default branded wallpaper (.cod)

Originally Posted by lellobello View Post
Thanks a lot dc/dc

You are referring to something like this. How to unlock all vendor themes - BlackBerry Forums at

Suggestions on how to make go away (it seems from the guide that deleting acually makes the theme appear)? My guess is that I can probably fool the OS to think that. say, the TMobile theme is the default one.



I have been playing around with the alx file and there is no trace of TIM Italy (Vendor ID 115 or 0x73 anywhere). I have tried to assign 115 to a bunch of themes available filesets (eg. Tmobile or other random ones), but no dice even after factory reset, clean installs and the like.

It seems at the wallpaper is hardcoded with the splashscreen...weird...

Yeah, that's what I was referring too... Things must have changed since those days when I could just chop up my ALX and get O2's awesome theme instead of T-Mobile's ugly one. I figured removing themes that way would work too. :(
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