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Originally Posted by BBDummy
Now I ask you:
1) Up until recently, the CRAP said that you owned the land the tiny person is living on. They've only just now taken it away from you. Do you still want rent for everything happening before? Of course you do. (damages for past infringement)

2) Can you now kick the tiny person off? Nope. If he was previously kicked off, can he come back? Yep. So can anybody else. The public domain just got bigger.
That's a great analogy, however, why would you deserve money (rent) for something (property) you never had the rights to own in the first place?

Just because the CRAP screwed up doesn't mean you have the right to claim you are owed anything for the time you believed you owned the property.

That's like saying you were sold a car, which turned out to be stolen and rented it to someone for a month. The cops find out you have the car and take it away. Now you want to sue the guy who rented the car from you for the rest of the money he owes you, because you think you deserve the money for renting it...
NO, you owe any money you actually collected to the person who's car it was to begin with and you are entitled to NOTHING further from the guy who rented the car from you under false pretenses, weather you knew they were false or not. If you have beef, you take the guy who sold you a stolen car to court to get your money back. If you are lucky, he still has it and you get it back, but you don't get any profit from the time you THOUGHT you owned the car. It was never yours to profit from.
You had me at EHLO!