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Yeah, the patents are rejected, but the judge won't consider it at all since the decision can be appealed. NTP is just a patent troll trying to get a huge pay day. RIM wanted to settle this last year, but the deal fell short. why? is it because NTP too greedy? and since when has NTP ever thought about people like us? BlackBerrys are so popular not because of the patents, but because a company like RIM took their time and effort to develop and implement a system that truely brings benefits to people. Companies like NTP have no intention of ever implementing their ideas. What good does it do? Money isn't everything in this world you know. Surely patent infringement is wrong, but is it so wrong to the point that a $450 million dollar settlement seems unreasonable? remember, RIM wanted to settle this all along, and RIM did not steal the ideas from NTP or else they would've acquired the patents from NTP a long time ago, way before anybody even knows what a BlackBerry is. This whole lawsuit thing only benefits NTP. Even if RIM wins, they still lose a lot of time, effort, and money on this whole patent infringement case. If NTP wins, they get a huge sum of money and passing the cost onto people like us. we either get our service interrupted or stopped in the worst case. There are a lot of people who rely on BlackBerrys to provide essential services. Services like hospitals, fire departments, police, etc have direct impact on people's lives. i wonder how guys at NTP would feel if a blackberry service interruption end up costing lives.. (not saying it'll happen) I personally don't think building one's happiness upon others' pain is morally right, especailly when 3 million users are involved.