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Default BES Express 5.0.4 - Messaging Agent failing each night (5305)

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Since patching my E2010 boxes with Windows Updates this week, the last 4 evenings I've seen the BlackBerryAgent.exe miss heartbeats then fail to start with error code 5305. The problem starts after midnight, and once it starts failing, I can't get it to start properly / behave unless I restart all BES services.

This link discusses that error, but all of those solutions imply that it never s tarts properly. Mine just starts failing during the evenings. I've just been getting up early to restart BES servicse, at which point it's fine the rest of the day.

Has anyone encountered this?

MAGT log snippet:

[30480] (02/01 03:45:09.354):{0x1280} [CFG] BES failover mode is ACTIVE
[41120] (02/01 03:45:09.354):{0x1280} [CFG] Address Lookup is enabled
[41122] (02/01 03:45:09.354):{0x1280} [CFG] LDAP search is enabled, LDAP PIM search is disabled, LDAP ALP search is disabled
[35035] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} LDAP: Create 0x00a40a44
[30460] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] LDAP Info: Host Name = DCServerName.domain.local
[41123] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] Using up to 10 external CDO Helpers in keep-alive mode
[41124] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] AddOwnerApptID is disabled
[41125] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] SetLocaleIDs is disabled
[30302] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] OTAFM hard-delete server support is disabled, rescans are 0x00
[40532] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] vCard conversion support has been enabled
[40892] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] GlobalRescan config: messaging:O, calendar:O, pim:O
[41126] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] EnableExceptionStackTrace is disabled
[40000] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} [CFG] MAPI Encoding is 1
[10277] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} BlackBerry Messaging Agent BESServerName Agent 1 failed to start. Error code 5305
[50106] (02/01 03:45:09.573):{0x1280} Stopping BlackBerry Mailbox Agent 1 for Server BESServerName
[40507] (02/01 03:45:09.589):{0x1A88} ExtUDPLogThread: Code on closing = 0
[30000] (02/01 03:45:09.589):{0x1A88} [DIAG] EVENT=Unregister_thread, THREADID=0x1A88, THREADNAME="ExtUDPLogThread"
[35035] (02/01 03:45:09.620):{0x1280} LDAP: Delete 0x00a40a44
[30065] (02/01 03:45:09.651):{0x1280} BlackBerry Mailbox Agent 1 for Server BESServerName shutdown complete
====== END OF LOG ======

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