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That's a cute advertisement. All they did was take advantage of RIM's litigation situation, which I guess I can't blame them for. However, what goes around, comes around.

Good has more to fear from Microsoft than it does from RIM. RIM will be around for a long time to come but I don't know if I woud say the same for Good.

As an admin who supprts Exchange as a primary job function and BES as a secondary, if my bosses came to me Monday and told me to ditch RIM, no questions asked and it was final... First I would say "but..." and then realize the boss was gone, then I would put together a recomendation for using the BUILT-IN functionality of the windows Mobile client used with the new Exchange 2003 sp2 features.

I don't dislike Goodlink just because, I dislike Goodlink because I USED it. There is a difference between me and some other BES admins out there. I know the products and I have used them prior to bragging on RIM. I am not one to put down another technology without having tried it first... that's just immature. Side-by-side in my useage testing (and other admins and end-users in our company) we determined that RIM functioned better, was more or less seemless, and all around simple to use and administer.

I could go on about the reasons I prefer RIM over Goodlink but I did that in another post "BES vs Goodlink" which got a lot of feedback. It's a good exchange for those who did not read it.
You had me at EHLO!

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