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Default Re: BB10 / BES Question

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
A fine job by the BlackBerry marketing department.

BB10 devices will not work with BES 5
Older (non BB10) devices will not work with BES 10 - there is a new BES for BB10 devices, but...
BB10 devices WILL work with ActiveSync. In fact, they work well!

There is no more BIS in BB10. Sorry, it is gone.

There are lots of articles about carriers requiring a data plan, but not a BlackBerry Data Plan. I even activated a Zed10 on WiFi and got to ActiveSync just fine.
Thanks. I really don't mind lack of BIS, not important, so this means people who used BIS will have to rely on their provider's servers supply them with advanced functionality like contact syncing, push, etc..

For BES, if it is gone, and if we swap to AS, then the limitations of AS will come with it. I had problems with dialing extensions with the way AS worked, but maybe that was an android limitation. However one major shortcoming was the inability of AS to provide contact notes edit. You could not sync contact notes two ways with AS. Also simple exchange notes were not synched either.

Now, you are saying BB10 will require BES10, so there is still a BES option with BB10, is that correct? Will we need to have carrier to provide BES service?
It looks like you are now running on HTC device, do you have a BB10 device? I am trying to find someone who can do a complete review of e-mails over AS.
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