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Default Problem activating one user

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I'm running BES 5.0.3 and had no issue so far. We have one user who doesn't seem to be able to register though.
I have wiped out the device, I have deleted and recreated his user in BES... Getting frustrated now, as there doesn't seem to be any explanation to the error message I'm getting in the log:

Note: I have modified the names, the email ids and removed whatever looks like a link as I'm being blocked by the parser.

[30247] (02/25 18:38:17.175):{0x18E4} Server stats - Msgs: Forwarded 436270, Sent 29587, Pending 189, Expired 0, Filtered 0, Forwarded/Min 3, Sent/Min 0
[40423] (02/25 18:38:24.523):{0x17A0} {example@example} Queuing new mail through notification (external). EntryId=207052
[40423] (02/25 18:38:24.523):{0x17A0} {example@example} Queuing new mail through notification (external). EntryId=207053
[40435] (02/25 18:38:24.524):{0x1B40} {example@example} Queuing new mail through notification. EntryId=207052. Msgs Pending 0
[40488] (02/25 18:38:24.524):{0x1B40} {example@example} Not requeuing message EntryId=207053 - same source key as DuplicateEntryId=207052
[40719] (02/25 18:38:24.529):{0x1B40} {example@example} GetFolderIDFromList No folder ID in list for EntryID
[40423] (02/25 18:38:24.565):{0x17A0} {example@example} Queuing new mail through notification (external). EntryId=207056
[40282] (02/25 18:38:24.565):{0x1B40} {example@example} Queuing DATA from network@etp4-4etpeublackberrynet, Tag=-533591736, EntryId=207052
[30083] (02/25 18:38:24.585):{0x1B40} {example@example} Sent ETP::STATUS to BlackBerry system, Tag=-533591736
[40435] (02/25 18:38:24.585):{0x1B40} {example@example} Queuing new mail through notification. EntryId=207056. Msgs Pending 0
[40700] (02/25 18:38:24.585):{0x1B44} {example@example} Receiving packet from device, size=527, TransactionId=-1521816263, Tag=-533591736, content type=OTAKEYGEN, cmd=0x3
[40000] (02/25 18:38:24.586):{0x1B44} {example@example} *** OTAKEYGEN *** Failed to get password for the ACTIVATION request : ERR_GENERAL.
[40000] (02/25 18:38:24.586):{0x1B44} {example@example} *** OTAKEYGEN *** sending ABORT_TRANSACTION, reason = NO_PASSWORD, description = "", transID = 2073724994
[40583] (02/25 18:38:24.587):{0x1B44} {example@example} Sending packet to device, Size=49, Tag=774375, TransactionId=-785688391
[40279] (02/25 18:38:24.587):{0x1B44} {example@example} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=774375
[20000] (02/25 18:38:24.587):{0x1B44} {example@example} OTAKEYGEN error ERR_WRONG_TRANSACTION
[40000] (02/25 18:38:24.587):{0x1940} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=774375
[40279] (02/25 18:38:24.588):{0x1B44} {example@example} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=-533591736
[40000] (02/25 18:38:24.588):{0x1940} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=-533591736
[40405] (02/25 18:38:24.589):{0x1B48} {example@example} MAPIMailbox::OpenMessage - OpenEntry (0x8004010f) failed
[40280] (02/25 18:38:24.590):{0x1B48} {example@example} GetRIMMessage() failed: ERR_NOT_FOUND, EntryId=207056

[30450] (02/25 18:38:19.981):{0x12DC} {Julien Dupont} User unchanged (disp): id=25, email=juliendupont@exampleae, device=294F6A75, routing=S96455703, agent=001, time=4F3CC9AE, ext=1, wl=0, keys=(0:A:0)
[30222] (02/25 18:38:24.587):{0x12E4} {De Test Nicolas} MTH: contentType=OTAKEYGEN, sizeOTA=14, sizeOTW=14, TransactionId=-785688391, Tag=1227191
[30310] (02/25 18:38:24.587):{0x12E4} {De Test Nicolas} Forwarding internal data to device, contentType=OTAKEYGEN, routing=example@example, device=2a386bd2, size=77, cmd=0x3, ack=0, TransactionId=-785688391, intTag=774375, Tag=1227191, Submit=1
[30368] (02/25 18:38:25.516):{0x1324} {De Test Nicolas} Packet has been delivered to device, Tag=1227191
[30388] (02/25 18:38:25.516):{0x1324} [BIPPa] {De Test Nicolas} Forwarding status to BES Agent (S96455703_001), intTag=774375, extTag=1227191

[30000] (02/25 18:38:24.735):{0xBB0} [Alarm::ActivateAlarm] Queuing alarm: <N/A> | BlackBerry Messaging Agent DXB001NS005 Agent 1 (Application Event Log on DXB001NS005exampleorg) | 02/25/2013 18:38:24  (AFFF4E20) -> {example@example} OTAKEYGEN error ERR_WRONG_TRANSACTION
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