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Default Re: Waiting For The Q10

Originally Posted by jimfraser View Post
I was told by our IT guy yesterday that we will need a new surver to run BB10 on the enterprise. Apparently the Enterprise software for BB10 is free, but you need a separate surver for it. I was told that Enterprise software for BB10 is not compatable and is not backword adaptable for OS 7.1 and lower and as well the entreprse software for OS 7.1 cannot be patched to work with OS10. So one Enterprise server for OS 7.1 and lower and another Enterprise server for BB10.
What was RIM/Blackberry (what genius thought that the name RIM had no value?) thinking if it requires a new server to run BB10 and that it is not compatible with earlier OS versions?
If I have to run on Active Sync with my Z10 or Q10, until there anough other users in the firm to justify a new server, there goes my arguement that allowing iPhone or other non-BlackBerry phones is less secure.
Talk about a road block for existing Enterprise BlackBerry users migrating to OS 10 devices!!!
Enterprise is where the loyality to BlackBerry has been almost rock solid. What a way to loosing the most loyal customers.
The QWERTY keyboard may not be enough for the Enterprise users.
This is a well-known fact, and the word you're looking for is server, not surver.
I h8 txtspk.
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