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Default Re: Playbook Education

Originally Posted by Jase88 View Post
"Print To Go" doesn't mean literal printing. It's a way of "printing out" documents on your PC, which are then transferred via WiFi to be accessed electronically on the Playbook. The tutorial when you first access this app is rather clear in this regard.

I've never had the hardware issues that you describe with my Playbook. However, I do note that some web apps, such as Twitter, tend to be very specific where touch will register on buttons. Or touch response is sometimes delayed when using such web apps.

The 'spell check' mechanism is monitors your input as you go along. Thus it is not necessary to initiate the functionality once you've completed typing a message. There is no way to edit the spellcheck, as it's adapting to your writing skill, and presenting you with options based on what it's 'learned'.

Thanks for the post. It helps make my point.

Using a common word like "Print" to mean something else and then defending that oddball usage is a bad hangover from the bad old days. That the tutorial says that doesn't change the facts. When I bought the machine I didn't do all the tutorials first. I assumed Print meant Print, not Copy.

Now, why in the world would anyone who is thinking make a word processor without a Spellccheck beats me. Deliberately misspelling "Spellcheck " makes my point. Now both the correct and incorrect spellings are in the dictionary, with no way, apparently, to edit.

Two humble examples of a mindset that doesn't consider human factors and is, apparently, at the heart of Blackberry's problems.
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