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Default Re: Playbook Education

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
Only someone in Waterloo would spin Playbook sales. You are proud and that's your right.
Don't confuse my city of residence with blind pride for a local success story. Our community is successful in technology partly due to Blackberry, and not because of it. I'm a fan of technology that works for me. And the PB impresses.

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
No, it's a dud. I am sure you can spin numbers anyway you like, but try to be honest. The PB barely is mentioned when tablet sales numbers are published. It is lumped in with "other".

I am sure the user base is quite passionate about it - and on another forum they KNOW they are right and the rest of the world is wrong, but that doesn't change any of the numbers. It's a dud.
I don't dispute that the PB is a vastly underrated product. Which, unfortunately, came to be due to the disappointing functionality that existed with the device when it was first launched. That lack of functionality has since been corrected.

This has created a unique opportunity for consumers: A tablet that has powerful capabilities, but is priced attractively. Nearly two years after it was launched, the device is still selling, and it's still receiving updates from Blackberry.

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
The Playbook was a complete and total failure and was a waste of precious resources at RIM/BlackBerry.
The tablet and it's OS were the basis for devices going forward at Blackberry. In that context, the very resources Blackberry employed in developing PB have formed the development of their entire current product lineup. I can't see how that represents a waste of resources?

Blackberry cannot ignore the tablet market. While tablets don't offer the same revenue opportunities as carrier-linked devices (due to lack of MSF sharing), consumers are flocking to the technology.
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