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Default Re: Playbook Education

I purchased my first PlayBook on release day and paid full price for it. There has not been on day since that I have not used it. I use it daily. It doesn't do everything I wish it would do but it does enough that I enjoy it a lot. I bought a Surface Pro a couple of weeks ago and it doesn't do everything either. POP3 email does not work on the Surface, and it works fine on the PlayBook. The touchsceen on the Pro is not as smooth as on the PlayBook, but maybe that's Windows 8.

There are at least 2 good apps I know of for the PlayBook that will let you print from the PlayBook to a wireless network printer - works fine.

The predictive text on the PlayBook improves the more you use it. The Surface Pro doesn't have predictive text. Copy/paste on the PlayBook is smoother than on the Pro.

Bridge on the BlayBook is awesome - I rarely have needed to use my Mifi device until now because there is nothing like Bridge for the Surface Pro.

The PlayBook has never been unstable for me. However, less than a week after I got the Surface, for some reason still unknown, it crashed badly and I ended up having to reinstall all the apps, including calling Microsoft to help with reinstalling Office 2013.

People complain about lack of apps for the PlayBook, and BlackBerry in general, but apps in the Windows store are sorely lacking. If I had bought the Surface RT which can only run apps in the Windows store, instead of the Pro, I would have been very unhappy.

I got the Surface to use on the road for work instead of the heavy, slow company issued laptop, which I hate. I could do some work functions with the PlayBook but not everything I need.

After the prices came down on the PlayBook, I bought 2 more for family members and both love it.

The bottom line is use what works for you.
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