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Default Re: I tried. Really, I tried.

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
I tried the Z10. Loved the form factor. Fast and lightweight.
But I went back to my Lumia 920 (fast and heavyweight) for a few reasons:
- Font sizes; the lock screen and e-mails are so small I can barely read them. Even with my reading glasses on
- Apps. Or lack thereof. And not Skype and Netflix. Apps I use.
- Poor battery life on LTE. I got about 8 hours today and I barely touched it.
- Just some things I got used to. Much easier to delete e-mails on the Lumia (fewer touches)..
- Speed Dialing just wasn't happening for me on the Z10.

I will keep it around; it works fine on WiFi just no calls and will test it as (if) software updates become available.

It has promise. It is a lovely BB, but not right for my needs.

Font Size:
Settings > Accessibility. Choose your preferred Font size (default is tiny 8 which I like), and this does affect the font on the lock screen. I noticed this on Feb 8th when Z10 was available in Toronto, ON (sorry Canada not the 2 Toronto's in the USA).

Apps ... this will affect everyone but its very odd. We've come a long way where such advanced applications for media or communications didn't exist when browsers where PISS-POOR on smartphones (be it WinCE, Windows Smartphone or Phone Edition, or S60 or UIQ). However the browsers have advanced quite well with HTML5, KHTML core (WebKit), and even Flash support in our BB10/PlayBooks and yet we now cling onto applications for media/communications MORE than EVER?! Is this not backwards?!??

I still don't understand the reason for this "NEEDED" application.
Let me explain:
1. I'm in Canada so the offerings from Netflix is a pure joke! Blockbuster & JumboVideo of old had much more offerings and right now the mom & pop store down the street or next block has more movies than I can shake a stick at with Netflix.

2. Streaming video content (movies, documentaries, or TV shows old/new) doesn't make sense to me on a smartphone ... read on. The reason is I don't have an unlimited data plan, the big three in Canada (Telus/Bell Mobility, or Rogers), and quite possibly the same big three in the USA (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile) also doesn't offer unlimited data - those that still have it most likely are on a grandfathered plan, n'est pas? and if you change your smartphone to the Z10 or a new Android or IP5 then most likely that grandfathered plan having unlimited data is now null and void. This means you'll be relying on WiFi.

Netflix on HSPA/DC-HSPA/LTE can get seriously costly over a data network - so what's the point if not unlimited & no junk type "fair use" unlimited data which gets throttled down in 6/10GB in a 30 day period. Enjoy that.

3. WiFi ... the majority of your WiFi connections are going to be at either A) Home, B) Work or C) Family/Friends/Cottage. If you're planning to using Netflix in option C, section Friends/Family's house then its considered quite rude to do so without including them ... and if you're going to include them it's most likely that they have a PC/Mac/Linux computer, PS3, Xbox or Wii with the Netflix app installed and signed in already connected to the TV/Projector so why would you spend any time queuing up Netflix on your Z10 or other Smartphone, changing settings for WiDirect/DLNA or connect a cable and switch input feed on their TV?

Now the other side is using a Hotel's wifi connection and if I'm correct a LOT of Hotels charge some serious fees to your hotel room payable by you (under your surname) and its not unlimited. Most ppl streaming Netflix will forget this and rack up a few hours on the bill over a week.

Internet at your local Cafe of choice - Starbucks, Timothy's, etc will most likely cut off the movie stream after 20/30mins ... you're lucky if you get 60mins.

Netflix, to me in my mind is an app that is best suited to a PS3/Xbox/Wii or iPad where the majority of streaming and use time is done at home over WiFi where the costs to enjoy it and the restrictions are at a null concern. So this leaves me with the rebuttal of 'why does anyone gripe for Netflix on smartphone, and do they truly really need it, or is it something to gripe about as per verbatim' ??

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
No they did not. No next/previous. On my list. No next unread. Go back to the list (in the now-famous Hub)...
Um yes they did.

tap the elipses icon bottom right hand corner for Next/Previous in emails (but this is not for unread) so you're right there.
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