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Default Re: Balance with EAS?

Originally Posted by NJBlackBerry View Post
Balance is like Peek. A nice selling point, but not an important piece of the whole ecosystem blah blah blah.

Notice in the new US commercials, they mention the hub and typing, but peek is missing.
Balance will be soon forgotten also. They forgot to mention (at the launch) that it requires BES 10.
Peek is actually important. Its more subtle but the more you use it you wonder what the other platforms where thinking. It's like running vs walking to the store to meet your wife/husband.

Do you always need to run or can you walk? (lateness only partially a factor)
Do you look cool when you walk up to the store/cafe or better with a light jog?
Will she/he be more excited/enthused if they see you jogging running to get there upon arrival? (probably, probably not).

The point I'm trying to make is one gets you there faster and easier than the other. When you're feeling limited on time to check for data output (to you device) this matters.

Balance has some serious affects both good and bad.
BBM doesn't exist in the Work side ... so the content shared within or outside of Personal cannot be shared on the Work side or vice versa. Many will be quite annoyed by this, but many business legal team will breath a sigh of relief about this.
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