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Default Re: I tried. Really, I tried.

Originally Posted by Unluky View Post
I have been reading these and thinking "these really are not a big deal to me", so I bought one. Now I and bummed out as well. LOVE the phone. Perfect weight, size, etc. - just feels great. Like the layout and function of the phone.

BUT then I started using it. Now I feel like all us loyal BB users who stuck with them through all the new cool phones on the other side because BB just worked for us got tossed under the bus as they threw away all the things we loved about BB in favor of bing more ilike. So disappointed. No push for POP? No BIS? No USB 2 way sync yet? No delete on BB and leave on server? No compresion? No different tones for different emails? No isheep is going to leave the iphone for features they already have and now you are going to take away many of the features that kept us BB users all these years and give us even more incentive to jump ship?

I am THE BB guy at my business. I have stuck with them and kept many of my coworkers with them while others jumped ship. Now I feel like an idiot that I stuck by them and get handed this great device that works just like the other phones I did not want to change to. I am just sick. If I lose all this, I might as well change to IOS or Android and get all the other perks that come with it.
While I agree with most of your points, you should take in account, that this is a new platform. Many things can be improved in the near future - the first iphones were not even able to cut and paste if I remember correct. Now, that has changed in a very short time. The same applies to the Blackberry 10 platform.

However, I would rather stay with Blackberry 7 and older OS then using an iphone or android or WP, when I look at the things you complain about. I found the Z10 still better (and more blackberry-like) then my iphone and my Android. I decided to wait a few month keep my current 9700, and then, test again.
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