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Default Re: Gotta Admire the Genius of the Idiot Button

Originally Posted by shootsscores View Post
The "off" button puts the device (Z10) into "standby" mode.

As a result there have been very few complaints about "boot time". People feel like they are turning off their Zs. BB has taken a common complaint right off the table by fooling them into utilizing "standby" as found on the PlayBook.
DC/DC is quite correct. Holding the button down for three secods will initiate a full shutdown and power off requiring a reboot from boot rom. Pressing and holding the button for a shorter period presents up to three options, one of which is reset, which will shutdown the OS reset the processor and reboot from boot rom. Developers who lived through the early beta OS days with the Dev Alpha program know these operations quite intimately.

The reboot does take some time. In fact the Z10 (iPhone and Adroid devices also for that matter) don't boot substatially faster, from a systems analysis point of view, than the BlackBerry OS devices V7.1 and earlier. About 75% of what looks like boot process on early BlackBerry smartphones hapens after the OS is fully up and running. They still have substantial work to do before they can interact with the user: The JVM has to be initialized, all installed applications and libraries, including the UI, have to be symbolicly linked to the JVM and any auto start applications have to run through their startup sequence. Developers who write autostart apps or libraries will be aware of the need to wait from the time the JVM kicks off the startup of the app until the facilities needed to run become available.

I don't think there is anything useful to be gained by calling the Z10 sleep/power button an idiot button, but it is quite clear to whom idiot refers.
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