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Default Re: Gotta Admire the Genius of the Idiot Button

Originally Posted by hrbuckley View Post
Just turned off my Z10, Dev Alpha C and PlayBook. Powered on the PlayBook then the Z10 finally the Dev Alpha C. The Dev Alpha finished booting 15 seconds before the Z10 which finished a full ... well still wating for the PlayBook ... still waiting ... two minutes before the PlayBook.

The PlayBook does take a long time to boot. And if you put it to standby and don't use if for a few days (or one day when it first came out) the battery would be dead. So you either remember to charge it amost every day whether you use it or not, or turn it off and make an apointment to turn it on before you need to use it. The complaints about PlayBook boot time were, and are, valid. I hope they will be fixed with the upgrade to BB10.
No disagreement from me regarding PlayBook OS boot times. It is why I never shut down my PB. The OS never needs to be shut down battery level concerns aside. Swipes instantly to life equals zero "boot time". Of course, I use my PB daily. Must be 1000s of charge cycles by now.

Make an appointment for 2-4 minutes?