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Default Re: Gotta Admire the Genius of the Idiot Button

Originally Posted by shootsscores View Post
You said that you weren't ever to be granted certain permissions. POSIX related?

And ya, I know the floppy disk legend.

Such unadorned negativity on this forum.

QNX is a winner one way or another.

BTW, 15+ hours out of my Z10 under moderate use. 2hours of phone calls included (speaker phone).
You claim to be familiar with QNX. If you are you know that in order to take full advantage of the real time capabilities of the OS you need to be able to write services and set task priorities. The OS only allows root to start services. Third party developers do not, and for very good reason will never, get root access. This is not QNX hapering a developer, this is BlackBerry very wisely controlling who can wield that power. But without access to that power QNX looks like any other POSIX OS, which is a good thing for developers. The benifits to developers and users indirectly. The BB10 UI is able to provide a stable 60 FPS UI because the people who wrote the UI have access to the real time features of the OS. That lets developers write, and users enjoy the smooth operation even when heavily loaded.

I am not negative about the OS. I think it is the best choice for a mobile computing platform. But it doesn't mean squat to the user. All the other major mobile phone OSs can provide multitasking and can be very stable even when running buggy third party applications.

Oh, and speaking of negativity, I'm not the one who called the majority of PlayBook and/or Z10 owners idiots (see the title of your thread).
My other Blackberry is a PlayBook.

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